Organization Series

Kitchen Pantry Organization |How to Organize a Deep Pantry

Hi Lovelies! The first task on my Organization Series is tackling my kitchen pantry. I have struggled with trying to find the most effective way to organize this area because of the challenge of the deep set shelves. Keeping track of all the items in my pantry has become impossible because I am not able to see what is getting stored in the back regions. I have tried to optimize this space by using the back of the shelves as storage for the contents that I do not use as often.

Here are my steps to organizing your kitchen pantry.

  1. Clear out your pantry.  I started by removing everything from my pantry and sorting through it all. After taking inventory of everything I had, I realized I had things I didn’t even remember purchasing.
  2. Purge. Go through all the contents of your pantry and purge everything that has expired or you don’t think you’re going to use.
  3. Clean your pantry. Once you have downsized your pantry items, it’s time to clean those pantry shelves. If your shelves are anything like mine, they have not seen a cleaning rag in quite some time. I took this opportunity to lay down some shelf lining  that was never done when we moved in.
  4. Create a pantry layout. Game plan the most effective use of your space. You can either do this by hand or on your computer. Determine what organizational items you will need to purchase to customize you pantry space.
  5. Fiddle around with your ideas. Now that you have game plan, play around with your organizational items before you fill them with your pantry items. You may change your mind a few times once you see it in place, and it is a lot easier to move things around when they are empty.


6. Restock your pantry. Now that you have your layout figured out you just have to restock          your pantry with its contents.


I hope this is helpful to anyone looking to incorporate some organization into their lives. I am so happy with how my pantry turned out and can’t wait to start using it now that I know exactly where everything is. Next stop, the fridge!



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