2017 Motivation Series

How To Organize Your House | Cleaning & Organization Motivation

Hi Lovelies! I want to share with you all today how I organized my house and hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration to get your house in order to simply your life. These organization tips have helped me to not only get organized but also cut my cleaning time in half. Let’s jump in with tip number 1.

  1. Purge. Throughout the years we collect so many items that we feel we need and/or can’t live without. However, many of those items you may not even remember you have, may still be in the box, or have been replaced with an updated version. Start with one room at a time and purge by taking everything out of a dresser, cabinet, or drawer and look at each item and ask yourself, ” have I used this in the past year?” If the answer is no, ask yourself “will I use this in the next year?” If your answer to both of those questions is no you can most likely purge that item. Unless of course it is an heirloom or keepsake. Purging your whole house will take some time so don’t expect to do it all in a day. Make it a priority to purge at least one room of your house a week. You can spread one room into several days if there is a lot to get through. For instance, to purge my kitchen, I tackled the pantry one day, the kitchen cupboards the next day, the fridge another day, and the kitchen carts the last day. Everything that you purge put into either a trash or donate pile based on the condition of the item. Take your donation bags and put them in your trunk so that you remember to drop them off at your local donation site and they don’t end up sitting in a pile in your house collecting dust for months.
  2. Organize the items you keep. Don’t just throw everything back into the drawer or cupboard it came from. While you have everything out figure out the best way to maximize your storage space and display your items. For instance, my hallway closet has become home to all the clutter that we don’t know what to do with when we are cleaning. Once I purged this closet I figured out the best way to organize the stuff that I was keeping. You can do this by drawing a picture of the space or using your computer to create a layout and decide what organizational items you should purchase to maximize this storage space. This does not need to be a costly project, you could get all the baskets and bins you need for. Your local dollar tree. Label each bin so that you know exactly where everything is and so that other people in your house can understand your organization stategy and can easily find and put away the items that they use. Before putting everything into your bins and baskets, play around with them to figure the best layout for your area. (It’s easier to move stuff around before they are weighed down by your stuff). Once that is done just load your storage containers up and put then in their space.
  3. Find a home for every item in your house. If everything has a designated spot you know exactly where it goes when you are cleaning and you don’t end up wasting time moving piles of clutter from one room to another because you simply don’t know where to put it.
  4. Tidy up every day. Once a day take time to gather everything that has been removed from its designated home and put it back where it belongs. If you have a lot of items thrown around, use a laundry basket to collect everything and take it back to its spot. This makes it easier to stay focused on tidying up one room at a time.

Now that you have purged your entire house you are left with only the things you actually use and the clutter you struggle with cleaning around should be gone. When you go to clean your house it should take you half the time because your countertops will be clear and you don’t have to waste time putting things away before you tackle your cleaning task. I hope that these tips are helpful to help you organize your home. If you are interested in watching how I purged and organized all the different areas in my home head over to my YouTube channel, I will be starting to upload my videos in this organization series shortly. Happy cleaning 🙂




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