2017 Motivation Series

How to Get Motivated | 2017 New Years Resolution Guide to Success

I love a new year because it feels like a fresh start to get yourself motivated to accomplish all the things that fell through the crack the previous year. Motivation is crucial to accomplishing your goals and New Years resolutions. Lets make 2017 a year of success and get those resolutions off to a good start! 

Alright here is a guide to getting motivated for the new year!

  1. Write down your New Years resolutions or goals for the year. You can make a time capsule and put it inside and create a yearly tradition and making a new list each New Year’s Eve and reading off the previous years to see how far you got and tweak your routine if you didn’t get as much done as you had hoped. I also like to keep my goals somewhere visible where I see them everyday and they are a constant reminder for me. I like to write them down in a journal, put them on a sticky on my comp that I look at everyday, and I will even write them on my bedroom mirror to wake up to them.
  2. Create a routine or schedule and stick to it with a checklist. Make a schedule for your day that includes the things you need to do to accomplish your goals. If you have a preset time to complete it everyday it won’t get pushed to the end of the day by you making excuses, like, oh, I’ll just do it after I eat, or I’ll do it after I watch this show. I like to write down all the things I need to get done for the week and the night before make a schedule for the next day so when I wake up I’m not wasting time figuring out what to do first, I already have a schedule for my day in place. After I finish each task I check it off and it gives me a sense of accomplishment which motivates me to keep going.
  3. Find a buddy to hold you accountable. I like to talk about my goals on my vlogs and by sharing with you all it holds me accountable to follow through. 
  4. If you get stuck in a rut just remember each day is a fresh start. If you don’t feel well or just can’t find the motivation to get anything done don’t get down on yourself. Everyone has bad days but there is always a clear sky after a stormy day. One day will not set you back but quitting will get you nowhere.    
  5. Make an inspiration board. It can be a board you display in your room, something to save on you comp screensaver, inside your journal or planner. It can be pictures of healthy meals, tranquil settings, inspirational quotes, or whatever will help motivate you to achieve your goals.
  6. Give yourself checkpoints with rewards. Set up points along the road to achieving your goal with checkpoints where you can reward yourself with a treat. For instance, if you want to eat healthier for 2017 put a sticker on your calendar or a designated area for each day you succeed and every time you make it 7 days with no hiccups treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting (a pedicure, a new top, etc). Don’t forget to have a larger reward (a massage, a fun excursion or weekend away) for your bigger checkpoints (every 3 months or so)  to keep you on track when it becomes easy to forget why you made this goal in the first place.

I hope these tips help you stay motivated for 2017 and accomplish your goals. Leave a comment below and let me know your tips to achieving success in 2017.




One thought on “How to Get Motivated | 2017 New Years Resolution Guide to Success

  1. Yes, you made good and valuable points. I appreciate. But, here’s something that I want to say. I often see people losing their grip on the decisions they make. Example: They make new year resolutions, they follow them and after some couple of days or weeks, they give up. They find it hard to do. Why? And the most important thing is, driving force. They don’t have enough motivation to drive them. They don’t put gasoline in their vehicles and expecting that they are going to hit 200. Ha. There is something wrong going on with people. If you find it, just share it and try to neutralise it. Wish you a great new year.
    Stay fit. Peace.


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