Mom Life Monday

10 Baby Names I Love But Won’t Be Using

Picking out baby names seems like an easy task, especially after all the years of practice I’ve had secretly writing down my favorites but it’s really quite challenging. I found out when I sat down to make a list of possible names for my little one (we chose not to know the gender so we had to pick a boy and a girl name) that a lot of the names I loved were already being used. I felt like I was late to the game. Once you eliminate the names of all our exes because that would just be weird, the names associated with people we didn’t care for, names taken by family, friends and their kids my list was cut in half. Then you have to find a name that both mom and dad can agree on, that eliminated another quarter of the names. When all was said and done it was almost as if the name was chosen for us because there wasn’t much left. We actually both loved the girl and boy name we picked out. If you follow me on social media or YouTube you’ll know we ended up having a little boy and his name is Addison Phillip. This was a very controversial name and still is. Addison is more commonly used as a girls name in recent times but was originally a boys name. The meaning of the name is son of Adam. Scott and I both have met a couple Addison’s before but neither of us had any acquaintances or friends with that name so it did not hold any judgement. Some people didn’t care for the fact that it is also the name of a disease, Adddion’s disease, but neither of us cared about that. When it came down to it as long as Scott and I loved the names we chose that was all that mattered to us. 

The ten names I love but won’t be using are:

  • Girls names:
  1. Olivia
  2. Avery
  3. Everly
  4. Peyton 
  5. Hailey
  • Boy names
  1. Lucas
  2. Landen
  3. Nathan
  4. Ezra
  5. Cayden 

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