Mom Life Monday

Addison’s 6 Month Photo Shoot

As you may have realized, I am all about documenting every little life event and milestone for my little one Addison. So naturally a 6 month phot shoot for his half birthday was a necessity in my book! I LOVE how the photos came out. He was really not in the mood for pictures or smiling that day so I was shocked when we got the edits back and had so many great photos of his cute little smile. He is naturally a very serious baby which is why I wanted a more vintage old school feel for the photos which I think we were able to accomplish with more of a sephia blurred nature background with sunset photography and some cute little shirtless outfits, overalls, and a little cap. We were at the park about an hour and a half and I think we got better results than had hoped for. Trying to get a full family photo with Selma included was not an easy task. Any time we got her settled we couldn’t get Addison to look at the camera because he wanted to look at his puppy. And as always several of these photos were Pinterest inspired. I hope you guys enjoy them!


Crystal 🙂


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