Sugar Detox

Week 2: Replacing One Bad Habit For Another

If you read the title of this post, you’re probably wondering, huh? Well, as unconventional as this method seems, it is this very thing that makes this transition to a no sugar diet actually work. Contrary to popular believe protein and fat do not make you fat, sugar does. This is because unlike sugar fats and proteins fill you up because they have appetite hormones that send messages to your brain to let you know when you’ve had enough. Sugar we have a tendency to over eat and it god unnoticed in our system and bypasses fat-creation control in the liver and is turned directly into fatty acids and then into body fat.

Eat the right fats! This replacement of fats for sugar does not mean to go out on a fried food eating binge. When cooking opt to use ghee (clarified butter, you can find this at Trader Joe’s) and coconut oil, they are stable, saturated fats that remain the same structure at high heat. Cook with butter or olive oil at medium heat, they are not stable at high temps. You can also use olive oil for dressings.

Don’t avoid the fat on your meat! In the cave man days we were meant to eat all parts of our prey. I’m not suggesting you go to that extreme but don’t cut off the fat. That is the part that helps you feel full. Chicken skin, bacon fat, all that yumminess you’ve been depriving yourself can be eaten in moderation now.

Stop the low-fat eating! That fat is helping to keep you full which means you consume less.

Replacement Options:

When you are having a sugar craving try eating nuts or cheese, grill walnuts and put them over natural yogurt with some cinnamon and vanilla powder. Order a fried appetizer like calamari or mozzarella sticks for dessert, or a cheese platter without the fruit. Have some nut butter or avocado on a rice cake.

Sometimes during this transition it’s easier to switch to easing 5 small meals a day to prevent cravings by not letting your body get hungry. I notice I get cravings for sweets more often when I’m hungry. When the craving dissipate you can o back to 3 meals a day for convenience.

Take note of your cravings! Keep a journal and right down either daily or weekly what times of the day you got cravings, when they were strongest and if they went away when you replaced sugar with fat or protein. For me, day one was definitely the hardest, but each day of week one the cravings got slightly less. Week two, the cravings stopped peaking, I would get a craving but it didn’t get to the point where I needed sugar so bad I raided my pantry for anything I could get my hands the fastest. Replacing my sweet tooth with something savory that didn’t contain sugar satisfied any craving I had. And lessening sugar in my coffee and tea drinks I have on rare occasion actually tastes better because I don’t have as strong a taste for sugar anymore.

I have not lost weight at my weigh in at the beginning of this weigh but I do notice my midsection looks less swollen and is getting more definition. Maybe the fat is slowly melting away, lets hope so 🙂

Good Luck if you are on this no sugar journey!



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