Where have I been?

Hi Lovelies,

It has been a while since my last blog because free time has become scarce with a growing baby. It used to be easy to blog in the middle of the night during nursing sessions but those have become very seldom since Addison is now sleeping mostly through the night since about 5 months. Yay for mom!

I have also begun doing Youtube on a much more regular basis and have started daily flogging as well, so if you want to stay in more regular contact with me make sure to go subscribe to my Main Youtube channel as well as my blog channel. Youtube is very time consuming and editing takes up a lot of my time now.

I did decide to try and be more proactive with my blog and decided a good time to start would be now that I am starting a Sugar Detox in case others are interested in following this detox process or jointing with me.

That being said I will end this blog here and get started on my Sugar Detox blog for you guys! Talk to you all soon!




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