Mom Life Monday · Postpartum update

Addison’s 3 Month Update

Hi lovelies,

Once again another month has flown by and my baby is a whole month older. I love watching him grow up and become more interactive with us. I remember when he was just born and I couldn’t wait for him to start getting expressions and smile. It was well worth the wait because he is such a happy baby. Every time he wakes up, whether from sleep or a nap, it’s with a big ole grin on his face. I call it my “happy baby time!” It is probably the one thing, no matter how tired I am or what mood I’m in, can make me forget all my worries and feel pure bliss. It’s such a euphoric feeling you get when your baby smiles at you. My cousin just had her baby yesterday and she told me that when her baby lays on her chest she is overcome with a calmness she has never experienced before. There are so many feelings that you get as a mom that you would probably never experience otherwise or even begin to understand because holding a miracle that you created and seeing how content your baby is with you takes you to a whole other dimension of emotions. It is like having a little extension of yourself after having him in your belly for 10 months. 

I feel like I am blessed with the gift of  experiencing a miracle because miraculous is the only word I can use to describe the feeling you are overcome with as soon as you enter into motherhood. Whether your baby is an hour old or 3 months old, that feeling doesn’t change and only gets stronger the more he develops into a tiny person. 

Addison has been such a blessing in our lives and makes us laugh all day with all his new coos and baby babble he makes. I swear he accidentally says words sometimes and Scott and I just look at each other because the thought of him talking is still such an unreal thought to us. When the day comes we are able to verbally communicate with him I think it will just be the most surreal experience I will ever have. Every day I look at him in disbelief that I actually created this tiny human being. 

Addison has a fascination with the color blue. His favorite whale to look at on his mobile while getting his diaper changed is the blue whale and his favorite animal that makes him smile every time he sees him is his blue monkey. 

“I’m going to get you monkey!”

“I got my monkey, he’s my buddy!”

Addison has such a great smile and he hasn’t had a real laugh yet but is great at doing the silent laugh. I just know he will be laughing all the time once he learns how.

He is such a happy baby, smiles all the time, he sleeps 3-4 hours at night now (but every night is different), he’s grabbing his toys and can hold on to them, he loves to play with his hands, he spits out his binky and tries to shove his fist in his mouth, he has more coos and loves to smile at the baby in the mirror. He is learning how to fake cry to get what he wants and will smile in between cries. He sleeps in his bassinet at night finally but still prefers to sleep on mom and dads chest. 

He is wearing a size 2 diaper and some 3 mth but mostly 6 mth clothes. 

He is 25 inches long and his last weight was 12 lbs 6 oz.

Addison’s first time holding a toy, he was a pro at it just a few days later!

At the doctors office. He loves checking out the baby in their mirror and flirting with doctors with his smiles.

Mama and baby sleep the same, arms laid out!

We love to play with the toys on our activity mat several times a day.

Checking out my future ride with dad. 

Got my street wear on from Auntie  Alice.

Hanging out with my baby buddies!

We learned how much fun blow outs are this months!

We love going to the park with mom!

Grandpa approves apparel!

Mom takes full advantage of cuddles 

First time in the Moby wrap and out like a light!

Such a good baby on mama’s lunch dates! He just sits on mamas lap and checks everything out! 

We’ve nursed everywhere 

First train ride, we went to Olvera Street!

Some serious boogers!

The whole mama gang!

Monkey meeting the monkeys

He has just found his hands this past week and is thoroughly exploring them with the help of his mouth. His new favorite thing to do is spit out his binky and suck on his hand and try to get his fist in his mouth. 

Thanks for following along on Addison’s journey to becoming a big boy!




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