Fit mama journey · Postpartum update

Fit Mama Journey | Day 1 

Hi lovelies, 

This week I start my Fit Mama Journey and it was not as easy as I thought it would be. It was hard to stay motivated when every time I tried to start my workout I had to change a diaper or nurse my baby or find an alternative distraction device to try to calm my little one. But I stayed motivated and around noon, after all my mama duties, I finally got him situated next to me in his swing. 

I did a warm up stretch routine and 2 full body circuits two times, followed by a cool down routine. These circuits took a lot longer to get through then they used to but I made it through and was so proud of myself after I finished. 

This journey that I have been desperately wanting to begin for the past 3 months has finally started and I am excited to see it through and make my mama body the healthiest it can be for both myself and my little one. 

I took some before photos of myself to track my progress along the way and although I don’t like the body image of the person I see in the mirror these photos are motivation for me to get back to a healthier me. I have to remind myself that this body created my little miracle and was not the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. 

3 months postpartum


I earned my tiger stripes ( stretch marks) during this pregnancy and although I don’t find them to be an attractive addition to my body, I am proud of them because they are the proof that I created the miracle of life. 


Just a little motivation above that I find completely hilarious and true. 

I don’t think my arms are going to be an issue to tone because they were sore before day 1 from holding a baby all day long, nursing, burping, etc. It’s like carrying around a weight with you 24/7.

I started my fit mama journey on a Tuesday because I was feeling under the weather on Monday and I think I was experiencing a clogged duct or the start of one that seems to have thankfully resolved with some ibprofen, sleep and extra nursing. I considered  holding off until the following Monday to begin in order to start fresh at the beginning of the week and then realized that I was just creating my own obstacle to procrastinate reaching my goal and realized there was really no difference which day of the week I started as long as I started. So Tuesday was day 1 of my Fit Mama Journey and it felt great when I finished and no different than it would any other day of the week.  I was proud of the fact that I powered throug my distractions and was able to successfully complete my first day of working out and eating a healthy diet! Go me!

Stay tuned for updates!


Crystal | Fit Mama


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