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How to Take Your Body Measurements | Fit Mama

Hi Lovelies,

Stepping on the scale can sometimes lead to set backs in your heathy living journey because you don’t always see the instant results you want to. Whether you are on this journey to lose weight or to live a cleaner lifestyle no one wants to put in so much work and not see any results. 

Before you jump off the healthy living bandwagon and start shoving all the sugar and processed foods within hands reach into your mouth, remember the number on the scale doesn’t mean anything. 

If you find that you’ve been working so hard at eating right and working out and the scale is going the wrong direction don’t panic! Remember that muscle weighs more than fat. That being said, the best way to track your progress is by taking body measurements each week. So just toss that scale in the closet for at least the first month. All you need is a measuring tape to get started on your healthy lifestyle journey.

The areas you want to measure each week are as follows:

  • Dominant arm- measure the largest area of your dominant arm (not flexed). Usually this will be your bicep area.
  • Chest/ back- measure around your body at nipple level.
  • Natural waistline- measure the smallest part of your waist. Usually this is the area right above your hips.
  • 1″ below belly button- this is usually the area us moms have the most issue with, the gut. 
  • Hips- measure the widest section of your hips. This is another area that can increase after childbirth because we just made way to let our little miracles pass through our bodies.
  • Glutes- measure that tush! This is an area that most of us don’t mind increasing 😉
  • Dominant thigh – measure the largest part of your dominant thigh. This is usually the area right below your pelvis, where your legs like to clap for you while you walk 😉
  • 1″ above knee- self explanatory.
  • Dominant calf- measure the largest area of your dominant calf.

Now that you have recorded all your measurements, put them somewhere they won’t get lost and make sure you take some before pics of your front, back and side. You can update these measurements and pics as often as you like. Some people do this weekly while others like to spread it out more to see a greater improvemet. I usually do mine about every 4 weeks. 

Keep up the good work! Let me know how your journey is going in the comments below!



Fit Mama


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