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My Weekly Home Cleaning Routine!

Hi Lovelies,

Today I wanted to share with you all my weekly home cleaning routine. Since Scott, Addison and I have recently moved into our first home my cleansing routine needed some adjusting. I am now cleaning a larger area and doing laundry for an extra person, Addison may be small but babies go through a ton of laundry. I am also for the first time having to deal with yard maintenance. 

I am the type of person that like to do a few chores every day instead of spending a whole day each week cleaning. With a newborn taking more than 30 mins to do anything can seem an impossible task in itself. It’s a babies world and I’m just living in it! He decides my daily schedule and I just squeeze what I can around his needs. 

So below I have my weekly cleaning routine outlined for you to see. Of course adjustments are sometimes made when I have plans or just need to sleep after a night of dealing with a fussy baby but you will get the general idea. 


Put away dry dishes from previous day.

Pick up all left out cups and dishes around the house, wash and set out to dry.

Put away any food and snack items left out. 

Do a load of laundry.

Monday: Kitchen & Dining Room

Wipe down kitchen countertops, stove top, kitchen sink, microwave, toaster oven and dining table.

Put away any mail or clutter left on the dining table. 

Sweep and mop the floors.

Take out any recycling and trash.  

Tuesday: Bathroom

Wipe down sink, toilet.

Clean mirror and window.

Scrub inside toilet and tub. 

Sweep and mop floor.

Organize toiletries and restock as needed.

Wednesday: Living Room

Put away all miscellaneous stuff left out. 

Wipe down all surfaces. 

Organize tabletops. 

Sweep and mop floors. 

Organize pillows and throws on couch.

Dust shutters and fan. 

Vacuum rugs.

Thursday: Bedroom

Wipe down surface of dresser and nightstand. 

Sweep and mop floor.

Vacuum rug.

Wash bedding. 

Put away clothes, shoes and miscellaneous items left out. 

Clean mirror and back door window.

Dust shutter.

Friday: Nursery

Wash crib bedding and diaper cover. 

Wipe down dresser and bookshelves. Put away any toys or items left out. 

Clean mirror and Windows. 

Dust shutters.

Out any clothes grown out of into storage bin. 

Sweep and mop floor.

Vacuum rugs.

Restock diaper changing items.

Saturday: Grocery Shopping

Clean out fridge, throw out old food and make shopping list for the week.

Sunday: Meal Prep

Precook meals for the week as needed. 


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