Addison’s 2 Month Update

Hi Lovelies,

My baby boy is growing so quickly and time is passing even faster than it did when he was in my belly. I didn’t mind the time passing quickly while I was pregnant because I couldn’t wait to meet him, but now that he is here I want it to slow down because he is going through milestones so quickly and growing into a little boy in front my very eyes and I am not able to fully cherish each stage because it passes by too fast.

Yesterday I packed up all of his newborn clothes and swapped them for his 1-3 month clothes and he is even fitting into some 3 and 6 month clothing. I was so sad putting his clothes into storage. His newborn stage went by so quickly that he didn’t even get to wear half of his clothes. I wish I could squeeze him into them forever but his belly is starting to bust through the buttons and his sweaters look like crop tops so I guess I have to move him up to the next size as sad as it makes me. He has also transitioned from newborn to size 1 diapers. The newborn diapers were getting too tight around his chunky little baby thighs that I love to squeeze so much. 

He is finally able to track us and objects with his pretty blue gray eyes and it is the most amazing feeling when he stares deeply into your eyes and smiles or giggles at you, it just makes my heart melt. He no longer looks at you he really sees you. You can tell there is an association now when he looks at you. I think that he loves the whales on his diaper changing mobile more than he does his parents sometimes because he goes absolutely gags for them, he has a special love for the blue whale. I think that sometimes he blows out his diapers one after the other just to be taken back to the changing table to see them again.

The pediatrician said he was a very healthy boy at his two month appointment and that he is right on track growth wise as well as with his milestones. His tracking is good, he is holding up his head well and his neck is getting strong, he has an adequate amount of poop and pee diapers and nurses well. 

He is 12lbs 4oz and I could not believe how big he was … I thought he was still under 10lbs, no wonder I have sore arms, I’m carrying around a 12lb weight all day long. I can skip my arm exercises and write it off as #momlife. He was in the 50th percentile for his weight which is as close to average as you can get. He is 23 inches long and in the 90th percentile as far as height goes which is no surprise. He is definitely going to be a very tall boy with all the height on mom and dad’s side. I don’t think either of us have male family members under 6′. 

He got his two month vaccines today and mom and dad had a hard time hearing him scream in pain when they gave them to him. It is not a sound you want to ever hear your baby make, it’s heartrenching. We brought a bottle for him to drink right after to help console him and he was just staring at dad while he drank it with eyes like why would you do that to me. He slept the majority of the rest of the day and luckily did not get a fever because I didn’t want to torture him anymore that day than necessary and I don’t think he would appreciate a rectal temp. 

2 month milestones:

This happy baby is 2 months old today! Addison is holding his head up stronger, finding his voice, makes cute cooing noises, is still scared of his farts and cries when they come out, he is tracking really well, loves his whales mobile (they make him laugh), has lots of smiles, sleeps for 2 hour increments at night with the occasional 3 or 4 hour sleep cycle that mom loves, has grown out of newborn clothes and newborn diapers, fusses if he does not get his 5pm nap on dad’s chest, loves his swing (it’s his kryptonite), he is starting to reach for the toys on his play mat, he will stick his tongue out at you when he’s happy and will do it back and forth with you & loves bath time! 

Addison playing with mom under the blankets!

Babies first smiles … They melt my heart and make me smile no matter how tired i am!

He will scream if he is not home in time for his 5pm nap on dad’s chest!

  Relaxing under the warm water as dad bathes him! 
Loves cuddling up on his Boppy infant lounger next to dad at night!

These perfect little features!

He loves morning cuddles on mom’s chest!

Nap time with mom!

His favorite friends, the whales! The blue one is his bestie!

Last day in his newborn clothes! 


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