Motivation Monday | Intro to my New Blog Series!

Hi lovelies,

I wanted to start doing some blog posts about motivation in all aspects of life because that is the major hindrance that comes into play when you are trying to accomplish your goals. If you can stay motivated in life you can move mountains. Every Monday I am going to talk about how to stay motivated in different areas of life, from health and wellness to fitness, school and work, relationships with friends and partners, emotional wellness like self-confidence and so on. If you have a particular area you want me to cover leave a comment below and I will work it into one of my Motivation Monday posts!  

Stay tuned for next Monday’s post that will open the door for discussion by first taking a look at motivation, what it means to you and the steps to achieving it.

Your homework:

The first thing you need to figure out is what your goals are. And not just a short term goal like “I want to loose weight in time for summer to fit into that cute bikini I’ve been eyeing at mall.” Think about long term goals, like 5 & 10 year goals and also short term goals you would like to accomplish this week, month or year. Take a look at the questions below and really think about them before answering them. Feel free to answer a question in the comment section below!


1. What areas of life do you feel could use improvement? Rate each area from 1-5 ( 1 no improvement – 5 needs major improvement)

A. Social life

B. Work/ school life 

C. Relationship or lack of one

D. Emotional life (self confidence, body image, 

E. Physical life (fitness, health & wellness)

2. Do you tend to set goals for yourself and not follow through with them? 

3. What currently motivates you to accomplish your goals in the areas mentioned in question 1? Give an example. 

4. What does motivation mean to you?

5. What is a short-term or long- term goal that you would like to accomplish? 


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