Transitioning to a Healthy Lifestyle | Fit Mama Journey

Hi lovelies,

Once a year the time comes when people are encouraged to take a look at their lifestyle and make a change. This is usually in the form of ridding or gaining a new habit to encourage wellness in their lives. How many of you have wanted to or tried and failed to become a healthier, fitter version of yourself? Most people who take on this yearly challenge are often defeated early on because they set a goal that was too drastic or they are discouraged by not seeing immediate results. 

Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle should be something we strive to do all year long and not just when the New Year rolls around. Afterall, this is a permanent change in the way you are habitually accustomed to doing things, so it makes sense that these changes do not come easily or happen overnight. 

Achieving a healthy lifestyle requires making and maintaining new habits and getting rid of the bad ones. It used to be said that to change a habit it takes 21 days; however, new studies show that it actually takes more like 66 days and can even take up to a full year depending on the person. This information is based on the data received by researching a group of people who added a new habit to their daily life, such as drinking a glass of lemon water every morning, and determining how long it takes them to feel like it was a habitual activity and not something they had to remind themselves to do. Once they felt that it was an automatic habit they recorded how many days it took, resulting in our average number of 66 days to turn an activity into an automatic habit. Keep in mind that if you still don’t feel like your habit is automatic by 66 days don’t be discouraged because this is merely an average. For some people is will take more or less time to achieve your goal and you have to stay focused on your end goal, a healthier you! 


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