Baby Play Date! 

Hi lovelies, 

Today all my mama friends that I was pregnant with all found a way to get together with our new little ones for a mama lunch and our babies first play date. I’m not sure how all of us sleep deprived mama’s some with multiple kiddies made this day happen but maybe the mimosa treat was some added motivation 😉 

The mama’s all enjoyed some lovely adult conversation and food while the babies all took turns laughing, crying, nursing, pooping and peeing. I think one of us had a baby on our boob or bottle for some part of the lunch. #momlife! 

The babies all got to roll around and pretty much ignore each other since they are still working on there focusing. Needless to say we had a great time taking tons of pictures of them together. 

Look at these 4 cuties! It’s so funny seeing so many babies so close in age together in one place and it’s even stranger that we are all close friends. 

Auntie Christine putting baby Addison and Brixton to sleep. 

I love this picture! We may all look sleep deprived and exhausted but I will cherish this memory forever.

The car seat line up!

The 4 stooges! 

Auntie Christine holding all the babies!

  Photobombing our mama picture!  
Hey will you be my girlfriend?

Sort Levi, I already told Addison I would be his girlfriend!

I’m so glad we all had this opportunity to have babies within weeks of eachother. We have all maternity leave to hang out and have mama chats. I can’t wait for our next adventure together! 




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