Mom Life Monday · Postpartum update

6 Week Postpartum Update

Hi lovelies,

Today I had my 6 week check up with my OB to make sure everything was healing well after my labor & delivery of Addison. 

The visit was quick but not painless. I let the dr know that I was still having issues with my hemorroid and that it was getting worse the past few days. It looked like a massacre in the toilet after a poo. He said that it could possibly be a fissur if it was painful when I pooped, which it was extremely! He gave me a vaginal exam which felt like he wanted me to experience the sensation of crowing by how painful it was. He said he was feeling the stool in my colon through my vaginal opening which was probably the cause of the pain. He was most likely pulling the newly stocked skin in the direction of were the tear was in order to feel the colon. He said it was a fissure that was causing the pain and to go back on stool softeners and to take as many as I need to make the stool very very soft because he could feel that it was very hard. He said that the tear healed well and to just schedule a Pap smear for 4 months. 

So despite all the pain I experienced in my exam today I came out with good news and I am excited to be cleared to workout, take a bath and go in a jacuzzi (especially since our new house has one). 

Since I got home I have restarted my stool softeners at a higher dose and have been experiencing pain when I urinate . I think the urine on my now once again painful vagina is causing a burning sensation from the trams it experienced today. Hopefully this is resolved by tomorrow because it is not fun! 

Stay tune for Addison’s 2 month update coming in a few weeks and my new series that will be focused on postpartum fitness and diet to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight. 




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