Sleek Hair Style Tutorial

Hi Lovelies,

My Sleek Hair Style Tutorial is now streaming on my Youtube channel. I have not worn my hair like this in quite a while so I decided to do a tutorial on this look. I am in need of a hair cut in a bad way, so don’t mind the damaged ends of my hair. I haven’t had a hair cut since before I was pregnant! I am finally going to go get one next week and I’m so excited. I can;t wait to get some layers in my hair. My hair is so thick and heavy that it feels like ten pounds get cut of just by adding some layers.


I like to air dry my hair first and then since my hair is so wavy and frizzy I finish drying it by blow drying my hair while running a paddle brush through it. I use a round brush to de-frizz the baby hairs around my face.

To give my crown some volume I blow dry the midsection of my hair by pulling the hair up and forward. This allows the roots to dry in an upward angle to prevent my hair from laying flat at the top of my head.

Then I use my round brush to pull the hair straight while running the flat iron through my hair and rounding the ends of my hair under to create a like movement at the ends instead of making it stick straight.

This is a pretty basic hair tutorial but it provides a nice sleek look. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to FOLLOW my blog and SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel for weekly updates and tutorials.




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