Addison’s Newborn Photography Session

Hi Lovelies,

Yesterday we received the photos from Addison’s newborn photo session that we took last Saturday. We are so happy with the results and I am so glad we were able to find a photographer last minute to get these photos taken before he got any bigger so we have memories from this special early time. Most likely the sleep deprivation we are both experiencing will make this period of time a fuzzy memory, so these photos will hopefully keep the memories more vivid for us to cherish forever. Typically you do a newborn photo shoot before the baby reaches 11 days old because during that early period they sleep soundly the majority of the time and are easier to mold into different poses.


*Some of my favorites.

Addison was 2 1/2 weeks old at his photo session which made our job more difficult to keep him in poses but we were able to get some adorable shots of him regardless. A lot of his photos he was awake for and I actually liked being able to see his pretty eyes and different expressions in the photos that I have come to love staring at every day. I think these photos are so precious but I may be biased since I did help to make this little bundle of joy. I hope you enjoy the photos and some of you can find some newborn photo inspiration for your own shoot like I did with the photos I found on Pinterest.

I love the family photos we took together and the background of our backyard of our new house was the perfect backdrop.


This photo makes me want to start singing the Lion King song LOL but I love how it turned out.


I love how cute he looks swaddled up all cozy in his white swaddle blanket. Luckily he started getting sleepy toward the end of the shoot so we were able to capture some serene shots of his sleepy face that I love to stare at when he sleeps.

I saw photos on Pinterest of newborns posed in a basket with stuffed animals and thought it was a cute idea. I used all the stuffed animals that friends and family brought to the hospital for him when he was born in this photo to make it a little more special. We got a lot of monkeys from people because he is born the year of the monkey according to the Chinese New Year.

I love these photos, they are definitely one of my favorite poses, if not my favorite. I love naked baby photos. The rawness is so breathtaking to me. I was so happy he finally fell asleep so we could take these pictures.

I found this adorable bear suit at Carter’s before Addison was born and had to have it. He looked so cute in it. Scott’s aunt said he looked like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, LOL. I found this block letter A from Marshall’s and wanted to incorporate it into the shoot and I think it made a cute prop.

I just love all the expressions that were captured in these photos. I want to remember these little faces he makes forever! FullSizeRender

I found a picture similar to this on Pinterest of close ups of all the baby parts and thought it was the most adorable way to remember those tiny little fingers and toes. I cropped a bunch of photos to get close ups and made a collage. I made on in black in white also because I love the way that effect looks.


I hope you enjoyed viewing these photos as much as I do and are able to find some inspiration in them for your own little one.


Crystal 🙂





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