Getting Settled In…

Hi Lovelies,

We are finally settling in to our new home with our brand new baby. These past few weeks have been absolute chaos. A few days after our baby boy was born we closed escrow on our first home. Addison came 10 days earlier than expected, although we had a feeling he would be an early arrival because of the progress I was making at my latest OB appointment.

Addison arrived on President’s Day, Monday February 15, 2016. The holiday made it very convenient for lots of visions to come by to see our new bundle of joy.


He was 7 lbs 7 oz of perfection and was 19 1/2 inches. He had slight jaundice the first couple weeks but nothing that needed any medical intervention.

Let me tell you moving with a newborn is not something I want to do ever again! Not only was I unable to help out with anything besides some minor packing and unpacking but trying to get anything done with a baby that needs constant attention, or should I say constant boob is impossible. It has been about 2 weeks since we moved in and the house is still in shambles, there are still boxes that need to be unpacked and clothes to be put away, not to mention a ton of organization to be done. Living in an utter mess is not fun, but every time I try to organize things is when Addison decides he needs a diaper change, some boob time, or to just be held! One of these days our house will be a home, but probably not this week or next or that matter.

Despite the mess, we are loving our new house! I am a huge fan of outdoor living and the yard definitely sealed the deal for me. I love how peaceful and tropical it is outside. The neighbors have a ton of birds which create a beautiful melody to listen to all day, minus the Macaw that doesn’t make the prettiest sounds.

The previous owner did a great job with the landscape. We do have a few revisions and changes we want to make but for the most part we love the yard and can’t wait for things to settle down a bit so we can enjoy it. Some outdoor parties and BBQ’s are in the near future!


We just had Addison’s newborn photo session this past weekend and the yard was the perfect backdrop for the photos. I am a big fan of natural colors and nature in photos. I will be posting the pictures from that session soon, so look out for that post!

I’ve slowly been trying to arrange the house and add some new furniture and decor as I go to fill up the space. We had such a small apartment before that we have some empty space to fill in the new house which means SHOPPING!!! I have been limited to online shopping and a couple local stores since Addison is so young still. The pediatrician recommended not bringing him to areas with lots of people since he is not vaccinated yet and it is cold and flu season right now.

Once I get the house a little more organized I will do a house tour on my Youtube channel and post some photos of the house on the blog.


Crystal 🙂


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