Mom Life Monday | Third Trimester Must Haves

Hi Lovelies,

I am ending my 37th week of pregnancy and thought now would be a good time to talk about my third trimester must haves. I didn’t think I really had any at first until I sat down and thought about it and then realized I had quite a few.


So let jump right into this!

1. Tums

So throughout my pregnancy I have been having pretty bad acid reflux and also a burning sensation that would run all along my esophagus and make it really uncomfortable for me to sleep and breathe. I thought at first it was just the baby getting bigger and smashing my diaphragm but I decided to play dr Google one sleepless night and figured out that burning sensation was a result of indigestion and acid reflux. I didn’t feel anything coming up but the burning was terrible. I took some Tums and the sensation went away. I wish I had realized sooner that it was just a result of acid reflux and had a simple solution other then insomnia. Another thing that helped with this was drinking a glass of milk. It helps to balance the acid in your stomach.

2. Pregnancy Massage

I got a gift card for my birthday to a Burke Williams for a pregnancy massage and held onto it until the beginning of my third trimester because I knew that was when I would need it the most. I started having really bad back pain in my mid back and my sciatic muscles on either side would take turns giving me a hard time. Exercising helped give me some relief by strengthening my core muscles but I was still in pretty bad pain. Any position I sat or slept in was uncomfortable and painful. I went to my pregnancy massage and let the massage therapist know my troublesome areas and she focused on them the majority of the time. About two days later my back pain went away and (knock on wood) has not come back. However, that pain has been replaced with round ligament pain around my pelvic bone, but that is more manageable.

3. Breast Pump

If you plan on breast feeding your little one, now is a good time to talk to your insurance and find out if they provide you with a free breast pump. My insurance gave me two companies to go through to get my free pump and it took me 3 mins to fill out a couple online questions and pick out my pump. They contacted my OB and got a prescription from him and it was shipped to me in less than 3 days. It was the easiest process. I went through Edgewood and got the Medela In Style breast pump based on reviews. I also got the optional carry bag and extra parts for I think $65 to lug it all around in.

4. Slip On Shoes

Now that I am as round as can be, trying to bend over has become quite the challenge. My belly hits my thighs and road blocks access to my feet. I have completely given up on any shoes with a lace and have been living solely in slip on shoes. My Uggs, Toms and slippers have been the only shoes circulating on my feet this trimester. Definitely invest in some slip ons for those later weeks of pregnancy when the vision of your feet becomes a fading memory.

5. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper and I have a whole newfound relationship with each other. With my bladder playing the not so funny disappearing act with me, bathroom trips are at an all time high. I have had about a 1 hour max limit between bathroom breaks which decreases drastically the closer I get to my due date and the more often I get up and down. The baby thinks it’s real funny to start kicking my bladder when I’m stuck in the car barely able to hold in my pee. Kegels are becoming my new best friend to help my regain control of my bodily fluids.

6. Birth Ball

Otherwise known as a plain old stability or yoga ball for a fraction of the price is really great for practicing labor positions and to just sit on to help position the baby into favorable position. I went on Amazon and got a stability ball for a good price and it helps to sit on it and rotate your hips in circular motions. In our child birth class our instructor showed us several labor positions and my favorite were the ones either laying on my side or bending over the birth ball. Our hospital provides birth balls so you can check during your hospital tour of yours does to eliminate this cost, but I wanted my own just because I want to do my early labor at home before going to the hospital so I want to have it here to use. And it’s nice to have to sit on when discomfort sets in and my belly just feels uncomfortable any position I’m in.

7. Free and Clear Laundry Detergent

Now that it is getting close to baby’s arrival, it’s a good time to start washing all those cute things you and your friends and family have bought for the baby. You want to use a detergent that will not be harsh for the baby and cause a rash. There are lots of different free and clear detergents out there free of dyes and perfumes you can use to lander the baby’s clothes, bedding and blankets. I used Dreft to wash all my baby’s belongings because I got a ton of free samples of it in all my sample bags from different places. The detergent to me smells like a baby which is kind of funny. I finally have all our baby’s clothes and blankets washed and put away and bedding ready to go in our bassinet.

8. Contraction tracker

Getting close to labor time you want to make sure you have something ready to start tracking labor contractions and help you determine when you need to call your doctor and go to the hospital. Every doctor is different but most say to go to the hospital when your water breaks or you’re at 5-1-1, which means you have been having contractions 5 mins apart from each other, that last for one minute and they have been happening at that duration for 1 hour. Some people prefer the old school method of paper and pencil and a watch but I think when you are in pain and your partner is probably getting real nervous simple math is not something either of you really want to add to your plate especially since there are so many free apps now that will do it all for you. You just press and button when the contraction starts and press it again when it ends and the app does the rest for you. It will measure the duration of the contraction and the frequency that they are occuring. And wa-lah your work is done for you.

In the case that your water breaks just remember the word COAT. Your doctor will want to know the Color of fluid, the Odor of fluid, the Amount of fluid and the Time rupture occurred.

9. Belly Band

After baby comes your body will have to try and figure out where all the pieces went. Using a belly band has been shown to help tighten everything back up. This is my first baby so I can’t give any recommendations on which one I prefer quite yet but the one I ordered is the Belly Bandit brand. It had great reviews and the ladies at motherhood maternity recommended it to me as well.

I wish I had gotten a support band to wear during my pregnancy, but my doctor said for my first I wouldn’t really need one. I think it would of helped me a lot though because of all the added weight I was lugging around.

10. Hospital Bag

Now that you are in the third trimester, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what you want to pack for your hospital trip. My hospital recommended having two bags, a labor bag and a maternity bag. When you go into the hospital in labor just bring in your labor bag and leave everything else in your car for your partner to grab later.

In your labor bag you may want things like comfy socks, slippers/sandals and a robe if you want to be walking around the halls or anywhere where other people will be and you don’t want to constantly be trying to hold the back of your gown closed. You can also request a second gown to wear the opposite direction. Sandals and a bathing suit for you and your partner are a good idea if you plan to use the shower during labor. Some moms prefer to just be nude so whatever floats your boat. I am bringing a target pj baby doll to wear because it is more comfortable for me than a hospital gown. Make sure you bring stuff that you are ok with possibly having to throw away later, labor is not clean and pretty.

You may also want relaxation items; such as, massage oils, massage tools, music, etc.

Once you are moved to your postpartum room, your partner can go out to the car and swap bags. I am packing a maternity  bag and also bringing my diaper bag and breast pump.

My maternity bag will have change of clothes for Scott and I and the baby, pjs, and toiletries. The hospital will pretty much provide everything else for you but I want to have cloth diapers and wipes for the baby and our own blankets and swaddles to use since I have really sensitive skin I want to make sure our baby doesn’t get a rash from the hospital stuff.

I’m going to pack snacks for Scott and I and quarters for the vending machine. The hospital has pretty long cafeteria hours so Scott getting a meal won’t really be an issue and he loves the hospital cafeteria food LOL.

I’m bringing my breast pump because our hospital will have a lactation consultant available to talk to us about breast feeding and I thought gojng over the breast pump with a professional would be a good idea before taking on the quest when we get home.

If you want a detailed list of what’s in my labor and maternity bags I will be posting that early next week.

11. Car Seat

Last, but definitely the most important thing is to not leave the house without a car seat. The hospital will not let you leave without one installed in your car. Scott and I did a lot of research before finally deciding on a car seat. Our main thing was safety. We decided on the Uppababy Mesa car seat. We had a hard time deciding between that one and the Chicco Keyfit but ultimately chose the Mesa because their Vista stroller could be used as a single or double stroller and we plan to have more children in the next couple years and liked the option to use the same stroller and just add a second seat to it. We also liked the bassinet option the stroller provided. For our toddler seat, we are planning on getting the Chicco Nextfit car seat since Uppababy doesn’t not have a toddler car seat.

Before going to the hospital make sure you are able to install your car seat correctly. We installed ours yesterday but we are going to take it to be looked at just to make sure it’s in correct to be double cautious.

So there is my list of my third trimester must haves. What do you guys have on your list? I can’t believe this trimester is already almost to an end and baby will be here soon! Pregnancy has been one exciting journey. I expected the worst but it went by really fast for me and besides the horrible first trimester nausea it was really more fun and a lot easier than I expected it to be. I hope you all have a great night and find some of these tips helpful.




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