Mom Life Monday | Pregnancy Chat: Nesting | Birth plan | Nursery/bedroom set up

Hi lovelies,

Today I am officially 9 months pregnant, 36 weeks! How this happened so quickly is beyond me. I am so excited to meet our baby in 4 weeks. I have two weeks left of work before I go on maternity leave and I am excited to have that extra time to really keen in on my nesting which has been out of control this month. We are in the process of looking for a house so in the meantime I am preparing our 1 bedroom apartment to accommodate a little one. The first few months all we really need is a bedside sleeper, we got the halo bassinet and it fits perfectly next to the bed and I love the swivel feature to pull baby right into bed in front of me for easy access at night to breastfeed.


We have a corner of the room set up with all diapering, swaddling, and bath time essentials. We have one drawer full of newborn and 0-3 onsies, outfits, socks, mittens, hats, and medical essentials (nail clippers, forehead/ear thermometer, nose frida, pacifier thermometer, etc). We also have some baby bottles and pacifiers although we don’t plan on introducing those until after the first month or two. We really want to focus on purely breastfeeding and not confuse his/her latching.

As for everything else we have for the baby, that is all in storage and I am doing everything I can to not let my nesting tendencies get to me. All I want is to have everything set up and ready to go before the baby arrives but I am feeling better now that we got the bassinet set up yesterday.

I have my labor and delivery bag, as well as the diaper bag almost all packed and ready to go. Just have a few more items to pick up from Target and we need to still sit down and get our birth plan written up. Our last child birth class, tomorrow, we will be going over how to write our birth plan.

I think my birth plan will be pretty easy to write. Basically, we want to have a natural, unmedicated child birth, but we know that if medical intervention is needed we will be ok with that. We just want what is best for me and the baby. I would like to try and labor naturally or for as long as I can without an epidural. I want to be able to move around and get into any position I want for as long as possible and not be restricted to the bed like I will be forced to after an epidural. I would also like my perineum lubed with oil or lubricant during crowing to help prevent tearing. I would also like a mirror during crowning so I can see the baby coming out and give myself some extra motivation to keep going.

Being in this last stage of pregnancy is getting me really excited that I will soon be able to hold this baby that I’ve been carrying for 9 months now. Scott is hoping the baby comes early so he/she can share the same astrological sign with him. Scotts bday is Feb 1st and the baby is due Feb 22. I have been having the feeling that the baby will come a week or two early but you never know, he/she could come right on time or a week late, which is want our childbirth instructor said is typical for first time moms. I guess it’s time to start sleeping/driving on a towel just in case. I read to drive with a trash bag and a towel on top just in case your water breaks in the car you don’t have to deal with cleaning your car after your baby arrives, one less thing to worry about sounds good to me. I don’t have leather seats so that would not be fun to clean up and I heard not so pleasant to smell after a warm day either lol.

Hope you all have a great day!


Crystal and 36 week bump


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