Cirque Du Bebe Baby Shower

Hi lovelies,

Scott and I had an amazing co-ed baby shower on Saturday. We had a great turn out of friends and family and we were so grateful for all the love and support they provided us with to celebrate our lil peanut.



I had invites made on etsy and printed them on off white shimmery card stock and cut them out two to a page.

I spend so much time doing DIY projects that I found on Pinterest and it was well worth it because it turned out cuter than I had imagined it would.

My baker friend went all out and made a ton of really cute desserts. We had cake pops, Oreo and rainbow sherbet cupcakes and rice crispy treats dipped and drizzled in chocolate. If you live in the Los Angeles area and are interested in her catering your event you can contact me for her information. I have used her to cater all my events and my guests get so excited when they see her desserts. She makes everything from scratch and it is so delicious and decorated so cute.


My theme colors were blue, red and white.

I requested rice crispy treats because they have been such a pregnancy craving for me since Christmas 😉


Behind the scenes! Oreo pieces in the frosting, an Oreo at the bottom of the cupcake and a baby Oreo on top.

For thank you gifts, we drizzled melted chocolate in the theme colors over popcorn and put them in baggies with ribbon.

These were a huge hit especially among the kids.

I made floral centerpieces with white flowers in mason jars decorated with a simple piece of twine around them. My fridge was turned into a flower shop for the night haha.

For the table centerpieces I made DIY hot air balloons with baskets, white lanterns and twine. I also had little baskets of peanuts with balloons tied on top for smaller hot air balloons.

We were so grateful for all the gifts that our friends and family brought for our little one.


We also had a diaper raffle and walked away with a ton of diapers in all sizes and wipes which will be so nice to be stocked up on when the baby comes. I highly recommend doing this for your baby shower.

We also had the option for guests to bring a book signed from them instead of a card which provides us with a huge book library for our little one. It’s also so cute to have every book with s little message from a loved one for our little one to read when he/she gets older.

For games, we knew we would be busy entertaining so we set up a table to the side where our guests could play games at their own convenience.

We had a ball of yarn and scissors for guests to guess the girth of mom. We also had February calendars printed out so guests could stamp the date they think baby will be born. Since we don’t know gender either we had a boy and girl calendar with a pink and blue stamp pad and baby feet stamp. I also created and printed out a guest sign in sheet by finding an image of an elephant holding balloon strings with his trunk to match or circus theme and got a couple different colored stamp pads and a no smudge pen so guests could sign their name and then put their thumb print over it. I printed it on cardstock paper so it would be durable and am going to frame it and decorate the nursery with it.

For food, we ordered potato balls, chicken empanadas and meat pies from Portos. We also had a large tray of sandwich rolls from Costco and made crock pot hot dogs and had chips and nacho cheese in another crock pot for kids to eat but it was also a huge hit among the adults as well.

For drinks, we had a large pitcher of Sangria, beer, water bottles, and sparking lemonade from Trader Joes.

We had a little section of the garden set up for guests to take pictures with mom and bump at the end of the party.

Our baby shower was so much work especially being 35 weeks pregnant but it turned out to be a lot of fun and we both had a great time and I think our guests did too.




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