Second trimester must haves

Hi lovelies,

I can’t believe I’m only 2 days away from my third trimester, time flies when you’re growing a human. Hehe. I thought now would be the best time to make a list of my second trimester must haves while everything is still fresh in my mind. Let’s get started.

second trimester must haves

1. Create your baby registry

I’m glad I started this early on in my second trimester because this is no easy task for first time parents. There is a lot of baby products out there and I had no clue where to even start. It took me months of research and mommy group questions to figure out the best and safest products to register for our baby. I started off using target and Amazon registries but came across Babyli.st and found this registry to be the most useful. With this registry app you can combine all your registries and add as many stores as you want all in one easy place for your guests to choose from rather then going back and forth between registries which made creating my registry a lot easier for us as well. I liked that you could add coupons for things like a home cooked meal, or night of babysitting, cleaning your home, or you could add website links to places you want gift certificates too. We want to try out a cloth diapering service so we added the option for our guests to purchase a gift certificate in a certain amount and added a quantity so that several guests could purchase this gift for us.

2. Maternity clothes

That teenie tiny cute bump will be expanding in size this trimester and all those clothes I was able to sqeeze into and show off my tiny bump in my first trimester will no longer look so flattering in the second trimester. I didn’t buy a lot of maternity clothes, just some staples that I rotated with my regular clothes that still fit. Having my second trimester in the fall season made it easy to incorporate my regular outerwear and scarves with a few maternity pieces I picked up.

I love the maternity clothes available at Target and got a pair of maternity leggings and jeans there. The fit of the clothes are better than with my regular pants and they are so comfy I never want to go back to regular clothes, LOL.

I also love the online maternity store Pink Blush Maternity. They have sales all the time and offer free shipping which is a big plus for me. I purchased a couple shirts and dresses from their site for a really good price and the quality of there clothes is really good.

With the couple of basic maternity items that I got I have been able to create tons of outfits with my regular clothes layered over.

3. Reading to baby

story time.JPG

We like to read stories to the baby at night to get the baby used to our voices and see if relaxes the baby when he/she is born to hear the same stories he/she heard in the womb. I also like to play Disney bedtime stories on Spotify while I am relaxing for the baby to listen to.

4. Pick a baby name

Now’s the time to start thinking about baby names if you have not done so already. They do not let you leave the hospital until you have a name on the birth certificate application so take your time now to decide instead of being rushed into selecting a name at the hospital.

We are not finding out the gender of the baby so we have decided on a girl and boy name. For a girl we want Cadence Beckett and for a boy we want Addison Phillip.

5. Nesting time

baby drawer

I have definitely found out the meaning of nesting this trimester. I have never wanted to clean and organize so much in my life, LOL.

We are waiting until after our baby shower to get things we will need for the baby but I may have picked up a drawer full of unisex baby clothes. I’m pretty sure I have every unisex onsie that Carter’s has. I put white onsies on my registry but wanted to pick out a couple cute outfits for the baby to wear until we find out the gender and can buy gender specific clothes. I also got 12 Aiden & Anais swaddle blankets from Marshalls because they were half the price. I also got a few blankets and warmer swaddle blankets for the winter.

I have the bedroom clean and ready for the baby stuff to be put in drawers and baskets when we get them since the baby will be sleeping next to us the first 6 months or so.

6. Stock up on healthy foods to snack on


My second trimester cravings have not been as crazy as my first trimester cravings were. In my first trimester usually only one thing sounded good and everything else made me want to gag and when I got a craving it did not go away until I ate it even if it was days later.

This trimester I’ve been trying to stock up on healthy snacks to eat at home when I’m craving something. I try to keep fresh fruit in my fridge for when I want something sweet and I eat bananas like a monkey to try and help with my leg cramps at night. I also constantly want peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which I’ve heard is good to eat to prevent the baby from developing a peanut allergy. How accurate this theory is I am not sure.

7. Get fit mamas


Now that I got my energy back this trimester I am trying to keep up my stamina by exercising regularly. I try and walk 2-3 times a week and go to Pilates 1-2 times a week. I started taking Pilates classes when I got pregnant since I did mainly weight training prior and wanted to start a good workout regime that was not as intense or require heavy lifting. I am now obsessed with Pilates and it is my new favorite workout. I am still working full time and am on my feet all day moving about so I still get some exercise just from working.

I hope you all find this list to be helpful to you. What did you all find to be a second trimester must have, comment below.




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