Wedding festivities at the Vibiana!

Hi lovelies,

Saturday I got to watch one of my good friends get married to an awesome guy. Their wedding was at the Vibiana in Los Angeles and was absolutely beautiful. The chef at the Vibiana provided us with an amazing assortment of food that was mouth watering. By far the best food I have had at a wedding thus far.


After the beautiful ceremony we enjoyed a cocktail hour outdoors on the patio with a full bar, which I was unable to fully partake in besides my sprite on the rocks ;), along with some great hors d’oeuvres. The scallop guy didn’t stand a chance against our table, haha. After the bride and groom and bridal party finished with their pictures we went back in the cathedral where they transformed the former ceremony site into a reception hall.


We enjoyed dinner and dancing and some guests enjoyed the open bar a bit too much. I came to find out that dancing while pregnant is not exactly the easiest task but it was still fun doing the two step all night long.


Did I mention how amazingly breathtaking their cake was. It was a shame it had to be cut. The newly weds love to travel so that was the theme of their wedding and it was adorable and decorated very chic.


I loved my dress I wore at the wedding. It was a non-maternity dress that I was able to squeeze into. I looked high and low for a dress that fit me that would be suitable for a wedding at the Vibiana and a couple days before the ceremony I lucked out by finding this amazing dress at a local boutique that I was barely being able to squeeze into. I love that it isn’t maternity so I can wear it again postpartum.

I hope you all have a lovely night.




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