First Trimester Must Haves

Hi lovelies,

Now that I am in the midst of my second trimester I wanted to share with you all what I found to be my first trimester must haves through lots of trial and error.

first trimester must haves

1. Moisturizer for your breasts, belly and hips – Palmer’s Massage Lotion for stretch marks.

I tried several different lotions, body butter’s and oils but this one has been my staple. I started getting bad stretch marks all over my belly toward the beginning of my second trimester when I started showing more of a bump and I switched the oil I was using to this lotion and they have pretty much all resolved.

This lotion stays on me for about 8 hrs and then I need to reapply. I have very dry skin and it got even worse during pregnancy so I have to keep my body very moisturized throughout the day.

I typicall apply the lotion to my breasts, belly, and hips at night before bed, in the morning and again mid-day. This has been the best application routine that I have found.

2. Moisturizer for the rest of your body – Trader Joes Coconut Body Butter

I started using this body butter before I got pregnant and fell in love with it. The smell is amazing and it keeps my skin baby soft. I apply this to the rest of my body and it keeps my skin looking and smelling good all day. You can’t beat the price either.

3. Anti-nausea relief – Tums, Milk and Saltines

My first trimester was not fun for me at all, I had terrible nausea, food aversions from hell, and was constantly dry gagging. I found that for me the best way to keep my nausea at bay was by eating every couple hours. This proved to be difficult because just about every food made me want to vomit. I ended up keeping a baggy of saltines and tums in my purse to munch on when I was going to be out all day.


When I woke up in the morning I usually had terrible nausea and would start dry gagging right away. I found that drinking a cup of milk when I woke up helped coat my stomach and kept me from feeling sick.

I ended up losing about 4 lbs my first trimester because of all the food aversions I had. Once I hit 12 weeks I finally started getting an appetite for my usual food favorites again. I was so happy one day when I craved a salad because I could not look at the stuff for months. Meat and especially chicken took about another month to be able to introduce back into my diet. I started slowly introducing protein back in with beans and eggs and now I am making up for all the meat I missed out on those first few months. I have no issues anymore eating any type of food.

4. Hydrate – Reusable water bottle

When you’re pregnant you want to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. The rule of thumb I go by is to try and drink half of my body weight in ounces per day. I find the easier way to keep track of how much water I consume daily is to use a reusable water bottle and figure out how many times I need to fill it in a day to meet my goal. It is also easier for me to consumers water when I constantly have it next to me to sip on throughout the day. Drinking a lot of water can also help to reduce swelling and leg cramps. You will be introduced to this more so in your second trimester.


I got this glass bottle from Target in gray.

5. Foam roller

Restless leg syndrome is something I have been dealing with since my first trimester and it is no fun. It’s a tingling sensation I get usually in one of my legs when I am laying down relaxing before bed that makes it impossible for you to get comfortable.

Here is a great article that talks about it in more detail if it is something you are dealing with as well. http://www.babycenter.com/0_sleep-problems-restless-legs-syndrome-during-pregnancy_7549.bc

I found that using a foam roller on my legs at night before laying down to relax or at the onset of the RLS helps relax the muscles and calm them down. This has been the only thing I have found to relieve this irritation that RLS invokes. This foam roller is also a good tool to use later on in pregnancy when you start to experience cramping. Keeping my muscles stretched and your body hydrated had really helped me to stay comfortable during my pregnancy so far.

6. Prenatals

I started taking prenatals right before we started trying to get pregnant to make sure the baby got the vitamins for those first few weeks before I would find out I was pregnant. This was a good idea since it came as a surprise to me when I found out I was 1-2 weeks pregnant right after we got engaged. Even though we had been trying it still comes as a surprise when those positive results appear on your pregnancy test.

I started out taking large capsules but I switched over to gummies once my nausea got worse and it began a struggle to swallow a pill that big without vomiting after. Even brushing my teeth was an ordeal LOL. I liked the prenatals with DHA for brain and eye development.

7. Pregnancy pillow

I started feeling uncomfortable when I slept early on even though I wasn’t showing yet. I bought a pregnancy pillow from target half way through my first trimester and it really did do wonders for my comfort level.

8. Comfy lounge clothes and maternity bras

I was still able to wear my regular clothes through my first trimester but I did notice my hips widened because stuff around my waist got tighter. I basically lived in sports bras and my boyfriend jeans and shorts. I didn’t like wearing form fitting clothes because I just looked like I had a belly from eating a big burrito not a baby bump in the beginning. My boobs went from a D to an E in about a month toward the end of my first trimester so I had to get maternity bras and sports bras from Motherhood. The wireless bras are so comfortable and fit amazing. I got ones that can be used after the baby for nursing.

9. Exercise – Yoga mat

I had no energyy first trimester at all. After work I would crawl up in a ball in my couch and go to sleep as early as 7 many nights. It felt like I had laid out in the sun all day and all my energy had been drained from my body. I had just finished a training program with a personal trainer prior to getting pregnant to help get my body in shape for pregnancy and labor and didn’t want to completely stop working out but with no energy my options were limited. I found that yoga and stretching were the only things my body was capable of doing that first trimester. I bought a prenatal yoga video from Target and got some pregnancy apps with some easy stretching and exercises I could do for like 15-30 mins a day when I could. Te stretching helps with all the changes gojng on with your body.

10. Pregnancy journal

I got a pregnancy journal from target and it has a daily entry about the babies development throughout the entire pregnancy which was very helpful. I use it to keep track of my weight gain and also for jotting down how my energy and mood is, what cravings I’m having that week and any other details like dr visit notes and stuff I’m buying or preparing for the arrival of the baby.


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